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We're strong believers in each individual being proactive in their own health and wellness.  We hope to encourage you to learn about and understand your medical conditions so you can make informed decisions and live the best life you possibly can.  

One of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to client education and positive therapy outcomes is by spending an additional 30 minutes free of charge during your first visit so we can complete a thorough intake and still have time to offer education, insight and resources as needed.

We also give the option of a complimentary 20-minute consultation for you to learn more about what we do, and to understand better what you can do for yourself, with no obligation to see us for therapy. 

In addition to the information we give you in person, we pride ourselves in having quite a range of quality resources available online.  Check out the resources we have listed here to the left, and please let us know if there are others you recommend.