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Oncology Massage
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Oncology Massage

 For years many of us have thought or have been taught that it is unsafe to massage a person with cancer.  Thanks to years of research and well-documented practice, we now know that this is simply not true.  There is a safe way for everyone to be touched, but when someone has been treated for cancer, modifications may need to be made.

Whether you are a cancer survivor or currently in treatment, it is important you request an oncology trained massage therapist, especially if you have ever had any lymph nodes biopsied, removed, radiated or otherwise compromised. 

During treatment, massage can help manage common symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, nausea and muscle tension.  Massage also increases dopamine and serotonin - the "feel good" chemicals in your body.  

Oncology massage therapists will take into consideration the likelihood of low blood counts, the risk for lymphedema, and other side effects that may result from chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery - tailoring each and every session to meet our client's current needs.  We take special precautions when their clients have compromised immune systems and understand the importance of adjusting body positioning, pace, pressure and the need to be aware of any site restrictions due to bone metastases, vital organ involvement, medical devices, compromised lymph nodes or deep vein thrombosis. 

After treatment, massage is recognized for promoting relaxation and general well-being, but may also be incorporated for relief from specific complaints such as post-surgical scarring, tightness, pain and decreased range of motion.

Oncology massage incorporates swedish massage strokes with other bodywork techniques such as acupressure and reflexology.  A thorough intake will indicate the level of pressure we can safely use, the appropriate length of time, and other things to consider when giving the massage.

  • First visit includes extra 30 mins. free of charge for intake and education
  • May be done in conjunction with cancer treatment as a complimentary modality
  • May be done years following treatment to ensure a safe massage
  • A Physician's release may be required

Elastic Taping

Elastic tape is used to lift the skin and create a gentle massage with movement, similar to MLD.  


Blending East with West

Integrating acupressure and reflexology with traditional massage is a way we can specifically address some of the side effects of cancer treatment with bodywork.  The intention is never to take the place of medical treatment being provided by an oncologist, but may be used in conjunction with treatment.


Scar Tissue Work

Scar tissue massage addresses the effects of surgery and radiation on the tissues and incorporates manual therapy to restore healthy function.